Life is one epic adventure…

Model:  Isaac  Marilyn Agency NY  | Stylist:   Tamara Gaudin

Model:  Isaac Marilyn Agency NY | Stylist:  Tamara Gaudin

Hi there.  My name is Kat, and I want to know your story.  Here's a little of mine:  I live in Brooklyn, and take pictures…lots and lots of pictures (mainly in New York in Los Angeles, but am always open to pack my bags for an adventure).  I also curate a fashion project that brings me such life and joy.

If I can, I prefer to be barefoot as much as possible.  Most of my life was spent in Texas, until I left for Southern California, and then 5 years later to NYC to chase my dreams.  I'm one of 6 kids, and they're all in Texas which means I miss them terribly and have a wonderful excuse to go back often.

To say that I love Beyonce would be an extreme understatement.  Have a conversation with me, and within 10 minutes her name will come up…multiple times.  

I believe that life is a grand adventure that was meant to be lived with risk, vulnerability, authenticity, depth, and community.

I believe in intimacy, laughter, and dancing until your bones ache.

I believe that life doesn't begin once you have arrived to a certain place or goal, but that it is happening here and now, beckoning us to join in the epic journey of it all.

Taking pictures makes my soul come to life.  This is my journey of photos; it feels oh so vulnerable and quite scary if I'm being honest.  But such is life:  so full of risk, hope, and ultimately love.

Many many people have helped me along this journey to get me to this exact moment.  I'm humbled and overwhelmed, and incredibly grateful.

So now I want to know you.  Your story.  Your dreams. 

Let's play.

Let's dream.

Let's create.